I am a screenwriter, director and production designer / art crew: I tell stories through images.
In the present tense as a director, in the past tense as a production designer / art crew, both as a writer.
I enjoy all these facets of visual storytelling, and love helping bring a great story to life through the development and preproduction stages.

Before turning to filmmaking, I fully lived my two other passions: scientific research, another kind of exploration of worlds and storytelling, and horse riding.
To discover where I come from and get a more complete view of my background and skills, just take a look at my resume.


A storyteller at heart, I especially enjoy the first step of the journey, when as a screenwriter or script editor I build the story on the page, complete with its world, characters and colours.
Then to make that story tangible I equally love conceiving its world as a production designer, in close collaboration with the director, and bringing its characters to life as a director myself.
As a scriptwriter, researcher, script editor and director, I mainly work on fiction films, but also have some experience in documentaries, especially around research and story building.
As a production designer, I add layers to the story by creating its world and overall look, and lead the departments that will make it real: locations, sets, props, costumes, makeup and sfx.


Besides production design and the universe and colours of the story as a whole, I enjoy telling the story at a more detailed level, through all that could show who the characters are:
as art department crew, I choose, make and place objects as tokens of the characters' past and present life choices, that as a set decorator, property master, prop maker or set dresser.

OTHER CREW:   production teameditorsubtitler

I sometimes work in other positions with a strong storytelling component: in the production team as a researcher or location scout, especially when I also design the film, or as an editor.
And to help distribute a film wider, I combine my knowledge of film language with that of English and French to chisel subtitles that are true to the story, its characters and the film subtext.

What is to be found in this portfolio:
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